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J-REIT Management

Ichigo Investment Advisors (IIA) is a full-service real estate asset management company created July 1, 2012 in a merger between Ichigo REIT Management, which managed the former Ichigo REIT (8975), and the former Ichigo Real Estate Investment Advisors, which managed private equity real estate funds.

IIA is one of the few real estate asset management companies in Japan with a long-term track record across deal sourcing, client-driven product development, and adding value to the assets we own and operate for our clients.

IIA has a board committee structure with a majority of external independent directors in order to institutionalize best-practice corporate governance and make sure the overwhelming focus of the firm is to serve our clients.

Our Strengths

As a full-service real estate asset management group, we are capable of delivering a high-level of technical expertise and real estate operating know-how across the full spectrum of Japanese real estate asset management. We draw upon our many years of experience in serving our clients first and foremost.

Asset Management Business

Ichigo Investment Advisors manages Ichigo Office REIT (8975), Ichigo Hotel REIT (3463) and Ichigo Green Infrastructure Fund (9282).


Name Ichigo Investment Advisors Co., Ltd.
Address The Imperial Hotel Tower, 1-1-1 Uchisaiwaicho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0011
Established December 15, 2004
Paid-in Capital 400 million yen
Major Shareholder Ichigo Inc. 100%
Registrations & Licenses Financial Instruments Dealer License (Type II, Investment Advisory & Agency Services, and Investment Management Services): Minister of Finance, Kanto Financial Bureau #318
Discretionary Trading License: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, and Transportation #42
Real Estate Business License: (1) #99098 (Tokyo)
Real Estate Specified Joint Enterprise License: Minister of Finance, Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism #69

Statutory Executive Officers (as of 6/14/2016)

Wataru Orii President & Representative Statutory Executive Officer (Overall Company Management)
Takumi Naito Executive Vice President & Representative Statutory Executive Officer (Private Fund)
Kenji Shibasaki Senior Executive Managing Director & Statutory Executive Officer (Finance)
Shinichi Fukasawa Executive Managing Director & Statutory Executive Officer (Office REIT)
Takayoshi Hiiro Senior Statutory Executive Officer (Green Infrastructure)
Masanori Kubota Statutory Executive Officer (Finance, Accounting)
Mitsutaka Shimada Statutory Executive Officer (Acquisitions & Sales)
Hiroto Tajitsu Statutory Executive Officer (Administration)
Hiroshi Iwai Statutory Executive Officer (Hotel REIT)

Corporate Directors (as of 5/29/2016)

Wataru Orii Director (Chairman of Nominating Committee, Chairman of Compensation Committee)
Minoru Ishihara Director
Katsu Fujita Independent External Director (Nominating Committee Member, Chairman of Audit Committee, Compensation Committee Member)
Sohsuke Takahashi Independent External Director (Nominating Committee Member, Audit Committee Member, Compensation Committee Member)
Shintaro Horinouchi Independent External Director (Audit Committee Member)